PT. Global Energitama founded formerly known as CV. Global Aftermarket Resources. Stands February 6, 2009 and engaged in electrical work, mechanical engineering, supply of spare parts, service overhaul machinery, heavy equipment and fabrication.

Key Person Mr. Nurwahyudi, more than 12 years in Dealership Business.

PT. Global Energitama is supported by qualified technicians, engineers & management who experienced for decades to provide solutions in global challenges of mechanical & electricity Business.

Our product and services meet the best quality standards.

PT. Global Energitama Supported by Government & Non Government Banks on its Financial Capital.[/vc_column_text] OUR VISION & MISION [/vc_column][/vc_row]


Operation services, maintenance repair and overhaul
Spare parts and component
Technician and supervisory

Caterpillar machine, gas engine, generator, marine engine
Mitsubishi generating set
Deep sea control system
Traffindo transformer
Doosan spare parts
Cummins gas engine

Power plant operation and maintenance
Component and spare parts supply
Component repair and recondition
Routine preventive maintenance services
Repair, recondition, overhaul machine and engine
Mechanical and electrical troubleshooting


Global Partsindo is a Heavy Equipment and
Large Engine Generator (Genset) spare parts supplier in South Tangerang.

We sell spare parts for various brands of the well-known
and trusted heavy equipment and generator in Indonesia such as Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Kobelco, etc.

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